Holy Vallance

Holly Rachel Vukadinović born 11 May 1983 Auckland, New Zealand, who is better known by her stage name of Holly Valance, is an Australian-born actress and ARIA nominated singer. Holly's first single as a recording artist was Kiss Kiss, released in 2002. Kiss Kiss is her version of the original song Şımarık by Turkish superstar Tarkan. The video for Kiss Kiss was notable in that Valance appeared to be dancing naked. In fact, she was dancing whilst wearing flesh colored underwear; the footage was then digitally retouched adding strategically placed lighting effects. Her début album Footprints was released on October 14, 2002.
From 1999 to 2002 Holly played the role of Felicity "Flick" Scully on Australian soap Neighbours.In 2004 Valance returned to acting, this time in the United States, appearing in episodes of the television series CSI: Miami and Entourage, and in 2005 she appeared in an episode of CSI: NY. She then guest-starred in Prison Break in 2006 as Nika Volek, a role which she continued to portray in the show's second season. She also had a small role in an episode in the second season of US TV show Entourage.She appeared in the National Lampoon comedy Pledge This!, alongside popular American socialite Paris Hilton, and DOA: Dead or Alive, an adaptation of the popular video game Dead or Alive, where she played Christie.She'll be working on the new Luc Besson feature called “Taken” starring Liam Neeson in Paris in March and an Australian drama later on in the year within Australia. Valance is also set to play a Bosnian Muslim in a new movie titled 'The Tourist', a true story set in the Balkan war.She also served as the promotional face of Australian collect call company 1800-Reverse and the UK equivalent.Recent rumours reported she was offered a role on the popular US TV show Ugly Betty and an appearance in a future Justin Timberlake music video